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Enter Activation Code

How do you activate on your Smart TV?

On this post, we’ll explain how to turn on Plex TV by using via Android TV as well as Apple TV, Smart TV or other devices. Follow the steps below:

  • Open your mobile or your computer’s web browser.
  • Check out the web page using your Google Chrome browser.
  • A Login or Sign-in option is clicked.
  • It will take users to the dashboard via Plex where you’ll then be able to enter the code for activation.
  • Enter the activation number, then complete the setting for Plex for the television.

How to activate Plex?

These steps allow you to connect your large screen devices such as Android TV, Smart TV, and Apple TV, etc. You’re aware that entering your password on these devices can be a little difficult. To avoid the stress of writing your Password on these gadgets Plex and other services such as YouTube make use of this four-character login code method to sign in to your account.

  • On your TV, select your Sign in Option on the screen.
  • You will now be able see an identifier of four characters on the television screen. It is this code we will use to sign in.
  • Visit on your computer or Smartphone. Add your Plex login details on this page, and then log in to it.
  • After you have logged in, it will ask you for the four-character code. It will appear directly on the TV Screen. Enter the code and then click on submit.
  • When you’ve completed all four steps. The Plex app on your TV will restart and be connected to the account you have. It could take up to a couple of minutes.

How can I turn on Plex for Roku?

Here are the steps needed to activate Plex for your Roku:

  • To go into the Home Screen of Roku by pressing the home button
  • Start the Plex.
  • You will see an activation code in the screen
  • Make use of your smartphone or computer to access the URL that is displayed on the screen.
  • After you have opened the link, type in the activation code.
  • You Plex as well as Roku are now linked!

How do you activate Plex on the Fire TV Stick?

These are the steps to activate Plex to the Fire TV Stick:

  • Turn on the TV using the Fire TV Stick
  • For Fire TV, select the “Search” option, which is found just above the Home menu. Search for ‘Plex’ and choose the result. The same file can be downloaded.
  • After installation, you must accept the ‘screen adjustments’
  • After successfully logging in after which a PIN code will show up as well as a web link at the top of the page. Keep track of this PIN.
  • Visit and type in the code above.
  • Now you can watch your most loved TV and movies series from Plex via Fire TV. Fire TV stick!

How do I connect Plex to work with Apple TV?

These are the steps to activate Plex to Apple TV: Apple TV:

  • Visit the Apple App Store on your Apple TV and navigate to the Channel Store
  • Enter ‘Plex’ into the search bar and choose the results. Select ‘Add Channel’ to enable it.
  • After installation, you’ll be provided with an activation number on the screen. Go to on the browser of your phone or computer
  • The activation number must be entered once you have opened the link. Click on the “Submit” button.
  • You can now play Plex via the Apple TV!

How do I enable Plex to play on Xbox One?

These are the steps needed to activate Plex for Xbox One: Xbox One:

  • You can open Plex onto the Xbox One. Keep track of the activation code displayed on the screen
  • Click here to visit on your mobile or PC browser and type in the activation code
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • You’re now ready to stream your favourite shows on Plex on you Xbox One!

Why is it crucial to log in with Your Plex Account?

It is vital that every user login with this Plex TV Link in order to take advantage of the advantages. Without it, you’ll be unable to access the following features

  • The Plex app on devices like Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Smart TVs aren’t working with no login.
  • The remote access of your server at home is accessible when you’re connected.
  • You can also enjoy the content being shared by your loved ones and friends across the globe.
  • If you own an Plex Pass Subscription, it is mandatory to sign in to enjoy the benefits.


How do I Install Plex TV on an Android TV?

If you’re already a huge fan of the amazing service, Plex TV Link, then you’re in for a blast. Since we know it is compatible with almost all platforms available, Plex works like a success if you own a Smart TV that runs the Android system. Newer Smart TVs running Android include the native ability to work with Plex however there are some older versions that do not offer support for. Simply follow the steps listed below and voila! You are now able to access the entirety of your content from your sofa at any time of the day.

  • Start the Android TV menu, then open Google Play Store. Google Play Store on it.
  • Find “Plex” within the search field, then download it to the Android TV.
  • Once you have opened Plex. To access the Plex App, you would need to sign in by following the steps outlined in the previous section.
  • After you have completed the steps above using the Android TV, you should have access to the files you want to access which are saved on your server.

Even if you don’t have a TV running Android operating on it, the majority of Smart TVs support Plex. Plex Application and you can run the app and download it in the same way as described earlier. The primary reason for the popularity for Plex is its broad access to multiple platforms as well as the ease of use on these platforms.

Where do I enter my Plex TV code?

  • If you are opening any browser, whether on your computer or mobile device, visit, then confirm that you’re logged into the proper Plex account.
  • Enter a four-character code, then click Apply.
  • When the code is entered and your participant’s account is activated the program will be refreshed in a flash and will be linked with your online account.

How to Connect Your Account with a Code?

  • Turn on your Smart TV and choose the Sign In button.
  • Take note of the four number of the link you will require to connect your account to the one you created using your Plex account.
  • Go to within your browser on the internet.
  • Input the code of the link.
  • Click Submit.
  • The app will relaunch itself a few seconds later. It will then be connected with Plex TV.